A Brief Introduction of Kunming Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.


Kunming Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, which is specialized in production and marketing of all sorts of light conveyer belts. The main products of the company include PVC, PU, PE, silicone, and rubber light conveyor belts, as well as processing machines and spare parts for conveyor belt production. It also offers professional consultancy service and technology support concerning conveyor belt to customers.


1.The management system of the company has been certified by ISO9000.


2.The company is fully equipped with laboratory equipment for testing and quality inspection.


3.The advanced, automatically-controlled production equipment of the company guarantees a smooth production process, with full record of the whole process which is traceable.


4.Every roll of product has to go through strict test on its physical properties, and sub-quality products are not allowed to go out of factory. Every product has sealed sample from its batch and hence is traceable.


5.Raw material must go through strict quality inspection before entering factory, thus avoiding the use of sub-quality raw material in production.


6.A strict system has been set up for evaluating and selecting raw material suppliers.


7.The company has an all-round product development team.

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