A Quick Guide to Selecting the Perfect Conveyor Belt for Wood Processing

December 26, 2023

In the wood processing industry, conveyor belts play a vital role in ensuring the seamless movement of materials throughout various stages of production. From chipping to forming, prepressing, and deaeration, selecting the appropriate conveyor belt is crucial for optimizing efficiency and maintaining high-quality output. In this article, we will explore the essential considerations when choosing a conveyor belt for wood processing, e.g., particle board, synthetic board, wooden floor board, and plywood production and processing.

Processing stages that can take advantages of our conveyor belt include:

Wood Chipping:

The chipping process is the initial step in wood processing, where logs, tree branches and recycled materials are transformed into wood chips/particles. Power transmission belts are used here to transmit power from motor to the blades. Belts that made from polyamide are ideal for this application as they offer high resistance to shock loads and more efficient power transmission and ensure uniform chip cutting.

trasmission belt for wood processing

Material Screening

When prepared, the materials are conveyed and sorted into high-quality material for panel production and rejected ones for alternative uses. Suitable conveyor belts for this processing stage are fabric belts covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). These conveyor belts have a long service life and require minimal maintenance due to the slow and straightforward processing in this stage.

wood article screening belt

Panel Forming:

During the forming stage, high-quality wood fibers and particles are shaped into panels (MDF, MDP, Plywood, OSB…). TPU-covered fabric belts are an excellent choice to handle the long conveying distances and high loads in this stage, these belts offer chemical resistance, enabling them to withstand the harsh processing requirements at varying speeds.

particle board forming belt


The pressing stage involves compressing the raw panel-shaped mat before thermal processing. To withstand the high pressure and force exerted in this stage, conveyor belts with exceptional wear resistance are required. Belts with aramid fabric as a traction layer, provide the necessary strength and durability, offer enhanced abrasion resistivity and prolonged lifespan.

fiber board processing belt


Deaeration is a critical step in wood processing, where air is removed from the wood fibers, resulting in homogeneous and uniform surfaces. Wire mesh belts, particularly those made from polyester, are commonly used for efficient air removal. The specific weaving patterns of these belts enable controlled airflow rates, ensuring consistent deaeration and optimal panel quality.

polyester mesh belt

With decades of experience working closely with hundreds of belt dealers and distributors that supply directly to wood processing facilities, KCB keeps innovating and manufacturing high-quality wood processing belts for the throughout production and processing processes. Check Them Out!

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