Printing Blankets for Textile Printing: Basics, Key Considerations, Advantages

September 05, 2023

The fashion world keeps changing every minute, while for the textile printing industry, the need for top performance and accuracy remains constant. Top performance and accuracy can only be realized through the reliable and absolutely precise positioning of every single drop of ink, which in turn relies heavily on the quality of the printing blankets.

Textile Printing Blankets/Belts

Our printing blankets are meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of digital, flat-bed and rotary textile printing, provide the perfect surface, uniform thickness profile for transporting fabrics, ensuring consistent and impeccable results, making them an ideal choice for textile printing operations.

Rotary Printing Belt

Rotary printers utilize cylinder to transfer images onto fabric fed through the system. The rotating cylinders and running printing belts allow for high-speed printing onto a continuous textile.

Rotary Printing Blanket

Flatbed Printing Belt

Flatbed printing, also known as screen printing, offers excellent color vibrancy and is suitable for shorter print runs. Flatbed printing belts transport fabric under stationary screen frames to receive the printed image.

Flatbed Printing Blanket

Digital Printing Belt

Digital printing is a cutting-edge technology that enables high-resolution, full-color designs without the need for screens or cylinders. It's highly versatile, ideal for customization, and reduces waste, making it eco-friendly.

Digital Printing Blanket

Key factors that affect textile printing quality:

  • Belt material:
    Optimized makeup and quality of belt material ensure uniform tension throughout the printing process, prevent fabric slippage and guaranteeing accurate registration of patterns and designs, resist ink chemicals while providing dimensional stability across the belt widths.

  • Surface quality:
    A smooth and uniform surface is critical for printing accuracy. Flat, non-stretch surfaces give even ink metering for flawless prints. Uneven surfaces or variations in thickness can lead to printing deviations, especially at the joint area.
    The surface needs to have excellent chemical resistant properties to prevent damage from dyes, such as bubbling or cracking. A high-quality surface extends the life of the belt compared to inferior or cheaper materials.

  • Traction layers:
    The inner traction or carcass layers provide strength to the printing blankets. These layers are usually made of polyester. However, Aramid fibers are also used with polyester for long belts to provide even better strength.
    Some blankets have an inextensible layer between the fabric traction layers, which offers advantages in terms of belt retention and reduces downtime costs.

Kunming Conveyor Belts offers a full range of printing blankets optimized for digital/flatbed/rotary textile printing machines. They have proven their exceptional performance in demanding printing applications around the world.

Advantages of Our Printing Belts:

  • Minimal manufacturing tolerances

  • High chemical resistance

  • Minimized belt elongation

  • Superior Surface Finish

  • non-fray construction design

  • Extended Belt Lifespan

Benefits of Using Our Printing Belts Include:

  • Precise & Consistent printing results: Our printing belts consistently deliver precise registration, vibrant colors, and excellent print quality, enhancing your brand’s reputation for top-notch textile printing.

  • Increased Productivity: The outstanding durability and performance of our printing belts minimize downtime and allow for uninterrupted production, maximizing productivity and profitability.

  • Cost Savings: By reducing fabric wastage, preventing rework, and offering extended belt lifespan, our printing belts help optimize production costs and improve overall profitability.

  • Versatility: Our belts are suitable for various textile printing methods, making them a versatile solution for your printing needs.

Rotary Printing Blanket

KCB polyurethane printing belts have been meticulously engineered to meet the specific demands of rotary, flatbed, and digital textile printing. With their exceptional quality, performance, and numerous benefits, choosing our printing belts will undoubtedly elevate your textile printing capabilities. Upgrade your printing process today and experience the difference that our printing belts can make.

Check out our polyurethane printing belts HERE!

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