Food Grade Conveyor Belts: Safeguarding Your Food Processing Operations

KCB offers a complete set of food grade conveyor belts designed to meet the highest industry standards, we aim to provide you the perfect belting solutions for every kind and every step throughout your food handling and processing.  From PVC, PU/TPU, to silicone and fabric surface, our belts are specifically crafted to safeguard and optimize your food processing operations.

Our food grade belts offer a full range of features and advantages that make them the ideal choice for food processing applications, including:

Durability and Resistance

With excellent tensile strength and resistance to oils, fats, and chemicals, our food grade conveyor belts withstand the demanding conditions of food processing environments. They are engineered to deliver long-lasting performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Hygienic Properties

Our food processing belts are crafted from food-grade  materials that resist bacterial growth, mold, and contaminants. They have non-porous surfaces that are easy to clean, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring food safety.

Smooth and Consistent Conveyance

The superior grip and low friction characteristics of our belts ensure smooth and consistent product conveyance. This promotes operational efficiency, reduces product damage, and enhances overall productivity.

food grade conveyor belt

Quality Assurance and Compliance

At KCB, we prioritize quality assurance and compliance with industry standards. Our food grade conveyor belts are manufactured using advanced technologies and undergo rigorous quality control measures. We are proud to meet and exceed regulatory requirements, ensuring that our belts adhere to food safety standards, including FDA/EC compliance and HACCP certification.

Customization Options

We understand that every food processing facility has unique requirements. That's why we offer customization options for our conveyor belts. From food-grade colors, dimensions and surface textures to cleat patterns and other features, we work closely with our customers to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

fda approved conveyor beltISO9001
fda approved conveyor beltFDA APPROVAL
ec compliant conveyor beltEC COMPLIANCE

Available Features: (More advanced features available upon request, please CONTACT US for more information)
food grade conveyor belt manufacturer  
FDA Approved  
Flame Retardant pu conveyor for food processing  
Flame Retardance  
Abrasion Resistant pu belt manufacturer  
Abrasion Resistance  
oil resistant conveyor belt  
Oil/Fat/Grease Resistance  
cold resistant conveyor belt manufacturer  
Cold Resistance  

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